Meet Teegan Parkhill

The one who does it all for the experience
The one who does it all for the experience


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
Adelaide and Brisbane until 14, Southland, NZ till 28 (because who grows up at 14).
What I do
Make your Prestart choices and experience stunning!
What I like
Sunshine and food and drink. Preferably of the bottomless variety ;)

Skills Reel

The professional

Design lover Teegan has lived many lives in the building industry: a receptionist, accounts manager, new homes consultant, show home consultant… and now, your customer experience specialist. Her exquisite taste and elite level of customer service (she’s a friendly one) make her a very apt guide for your La Vida experience indeed. After a break to start her young family, she couldn’t be more excited to help our mark-makers create the next generation of stunning family homes too. With the most modern, trendy builder going around no less… (her words, not ours!)

“I have two boys and a hubby at home, so if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to stumble onto the set of a Jackass episode, please allow me. Thankfully LVHQ is just as fun, but without the constant threat of mortal danger! *grits teeth*.”

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Where do want to build?