Meet Stuart Reynolds

The one who brings your vision to life

Design and Drafting Manager

The one who brings your vision to life
Design and Drafting Manager


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
Yarra Valley, VIC
What I do
I build and I bake things.
What I like
Cricket, football, snowboarding, motorsports… all sports!

Skills Reel

Attention to detail, Baking, Problem solving, Lifting heavy things, Leadership, Folding fitted sheets.

The professional

From school to TAFE and into the workforce, Stu has always been in the industry in one way or another.

He’s worked for the who’s who of the building world, from the high end to the bulging middle to happily calling a remarkable independent builder home.

So, what does 20 years of building homes get you? A leader, a professional problem solver, an attention-to-detail seeker and a man who can fold a fitted sheet better than your mum.

Growing up on a farm, I’ve always been hands on. So I love this ‘work’… and it’s just as well. I met my wife, Steph, on the job so if it weren’t for that building-obsessed kid life would never have been the same!

I`m already building
with La Vida

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