Meet Shauna Arthur

The one who captures the moments
The one who captures the moments


The human

Star sign


Where I live
North Perth
Where I grew up
County Galway, Ireland
What I do
All things social!
What I like
Gym, Pilates & trying out new restaurants. Life’s about balance, right? ;)

Skills Reel

The professional

Socials savvy Shauna may be a newbie to the building industry, but she’s got all the credentials needed for this particular role: creative, collaborative, sharp with a camera, and fully fluent in emojis. But we’ve got a feeling this whole building thing is going to come to her quite naturally anyway… her dad runs his own surveying and building inspection business in Ireland. Oh, and did you know she worked at the biggest comedy club in Ireland before leaving for Perth? If you’re after a proper belly laugh, ask Shauna for her best!

“Studying Business in university, and having worked in the marketing industry before moving to Australia, I enrolled in a photography course. Now, I see beautiful things or moments to capture everywhere. Social media and marketing offer so many opportunities to play with this creative side of mine. Want to see what we produce? You know where to find us!”

I`m already building
with La Vida

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Where do want to build?