Meet Scott Bailey

The one who supervises your build
The one who supervises your build


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
South Africa
What I do
Supervise the building of your dreams
What I like
Vintage car shows.

Skills Reel

The professional

Scott fell in love with site life watching his builder dad and his tradesmen go about their craft. Ticking off all the necessities (certificates, tickets, an aptitude for splinter removal), he joined them as soon as he was able. In the 33 years since he’s worked for project builders, boutique builders, small builders, and even ran his own carpentry joint. Scott’s eagle eye on site may have taken him off the chips and into management, where we gotta say, he runs a tight ship… but he’ll always be a tradesman at heart.

Getting from a slab of dirt to a house is a wild, thrilling, sometimes challenging, adventure. But to stand back at the end and know the owner is about to step in and make that house a home—it’s worth the journey