Meet Rod Anderson

The one who supervises your build
Rod Anderson Site Supervisor
The one who supervises your build


The human

Still maturing
Star sign
Aquarius slash born water baby


Where I live
Where I grew up
Two Rocks
What I do
Keep your subbies, suppliers and at the end of the day, your site, happy.
What I like
Keeping the kids busy.

Skills Reel

The professional

Where to start with Rod? He’s bricklayer, a site supervisor, even a registered builder. He’s supervised well over 700 home builds, from single to double to whole unit developments. So with such an enviable skillset, what part of his work does he love the most? Working with you. Getting to know a client and handing over a quality home is Rod’s true North Star.

“They say, ‘happy wife, happy life’. That’s true, sure, but I say ‘happy tradie, happy life!’ Great relationships with a quality trade base is the backbone of any construction. And I’ll make sure we have it.”

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