Meet Renee

The one who makes everything stack up


The one who makes everything stack up


The human

4.5… in dog years 😉
Star sign


Where I live
A cool 10 mins from the LV Hub!
Where I grew up
Auckland, New Zealand
What I do
Maths, but make it fun(ny).
What I like
Snacking, puns and a good dad joke.

Skills Reel

Attention of detail, emphasis on quality, dedication

The professional

Renee got her start in the building industry fresh out of business school, and in the eight years since she’s gone from admin assistant, to scheduler, to estimator. Time flies when you’re having progressive fun!

Always hungry to learn more, she’s worked for builders big and small and first second, third and even fourth home buyers.

And while she may be quite the comic, this funny girl is not to be underestimated. Renee’s dedication to attention to quality and detail is no joke.

Each of us Vidas are different, in personality and experience. When the unique and quirky gifts we bring to the table are celebrated, it creates a remarkable culture, sure – but ultimately it creates homes our clients find remarkable too.


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