Meet Morgan Oxborrow

The one who calculates the quants
The one who calculates the quants


The human

Star sign


Where I live
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What I do
The fun part – the math ?
What I like
Nuggets, numbers and trying to top my PB on the weights at the gym.

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The professional

Numbers ninja Morgan began working in the industry at just 17, and since finding scheduling, she hasn’t looked back. What can we say, when you know you know. In three short years, she’s also mastered prestart consults, contract administration, and shire and client liaison, and added a Certificate III and IV in Business to her name. But ultimately her methodical, organisation-loving brain loves working the numbers (or rather, making them work for you).

“Working somewhere like La Vida that only wants the best for their clients – and their staff – makes going into the office a delight. I’m so grateful to be here with all my other Vidas! Seeing our happy clients is the icing on the cake.”

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