Meet Michael Wyatt

The one who maintains your mark
The one who maintains your mark


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
Ol’ Blighty. Till a backpacking trip in 1993 introduced me to the love of my life (and my wife) Australia
What I do
A lot of things others can’t! They don’t call me Magic Mike for nothing (not to be confused with the movie, but I’ll take it if it’s going).
What I like
Fixing things, dance music, American cheesecake, and a Jack Daniels after a long week

Skills Reel

The professional

Mike—aka The Finisher, aka Magic Mike—has always had a knack for fixing things. He gravitated to the building industry at just 15, where his hands on nature and mechanical mindset soon made him a site fave. Because when Mike gets his hands on something, he doesn’t just repair it… he betters it. Mike believes in making things last—especially homes. Which is why he’s the perfect man to maintain yours. When someone isn’t picking his brain about an issue that needs his special attention, you’ll find Mike making a big batch of sausages and tomato sauce for his very lucky family.

Learn, achieve, succeed. That’s how we get where we are. Look at this team—17,000+ homes under our belt collectively and still striving to learn more, do more, be more. Never stop learning, or you’ll never know what you could do next

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