Meet Mark Reid

The one who thinks global and builds local

Non Executive Director

The one who thinks global and builds local
Non Executive Director


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Floreat, Perth
Where I grew up
Liverpool, England
What I do
I’ve partnered with Mark Di Masi to oversee the direction and delivery of LA Vida Homes’ strategic objectives.
What I like
HIIT 45, coaching Soccer, and being a part of high performing cultures

Skills Reel

Financial control, corporate governance, business acumen, diversity in business, and leadership.

The professional

Mark’s work is all about efficiencies. When he leads an organisation (as CEO of Bankwest and Cash Converters to name drop a few…) towards more efficient processes, the strategic changes and financial improvements follow suit.

There’s a flow to his work that always lands Mark, and his team, in a position of growth and achievement. And these successes are often measurable beyond dollars and cents (or share prices). Culture, engagement, and passion are part of his mandate towards sustainable organisation growth and achieving a competitive advantage. These more conceptual outcomes often drive the ongoing financial success that most organisations seek above all else.

His 30 years of global leadership experience now sees Mark partner with Mark Di Masi at La Vida.

My work is a big part of my life, but I have a passion for soccer that is forever nipping at its heels. Then, there’s my boys who I learn more from every day than any complex project I’ve led.

If you’re looking for me in a crowd, just listen out for the English accent. Still no luck? Check the boardroom. I sit on a list of boards and have a passion for being part of our community’s evolution.


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