Meet Marc Vallelonga

The one who schedules success
The one who schedules success


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
Alexander Heights
What I do
Crunch the numbers, order the materials, and make sure everything goes to plan.
What I like
Beach drives, books, a quiet night in. Chill, right?

Skills Reel

The professional

Marc was studying a Masters of Teaching when he discovered his true calling might lie a little closer to home. He followed his family’s footsteps into the concreting business but soon found his own feet in the building industry, after building his own home with… yours truly! Now, he’s gone from client to colleague to your new best friend. Marc’s precision (er, perfectionism), makes his estimates and schedules some of the surest we’ve ever seen. Your building experience is about to be every bit as seamless and exciting as his was.

I made my mark with La Vida, now it’s time to make my mark on La Vida: Office Edition! I know firsthand how much this team care about their mark-makers and couldn’t be prouder to join them.

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Where do want to build?