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The one who is all about your experience
Madeleine Ozolins La VIda Homes
The one who is all about your experience


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Star sign


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Where I grew up
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Everything to do with our Mark Makers journeys!
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Interiors, upcycling… basically buying up Facebook Marketplace.

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The professional

Our resident client experience expert (a.k.a., your new best friend), Madeleine has worked in customer experience for years – in hospitality, events, and building. She’s also more than a little design-savvy, having studied Interior Architecture (Mid Century Modern via Mexico is her fave style) and worked in kitchen design in another life. She’s even lent her eye to an art installation or two. For Madeleine, it’s all in the details. In design, and in life. So we know we’ve put the La Vida experience in the right hands.

“I just got the keys to my own home, and building it was one of the most fun, heartfelt experiences of my life. I want you to have the same experience I did. And it’s my job to make sure you do!”

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