Meet Luke Gilliand

The one who supervises your build
The one who supervises your build


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
What I do
Build homes like they’re my own
What I like
Coaching (footy), cheering (netball), and watching my kids play sport

Skills Reel

The professional

Luke is the definition of an industry pro! Five years in bricklaying. 14 in site supervising. He wasn’t just responsible for his own sites either… he spent three years as an area manager too. Yeah, Luke can handle just about anything you throw at him! But you can’t take this builder away from the building completely. Luke does his best work on site, where his deft hands and well-founded confidence puts his clients right at ease—all the way from earthworks to handover.

I absolutely love the building industry. I’ve been in it for close to 20 years and every day I’m still ready to learn something new.

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Where do want to build?