Meet Lisa Nguyen

The one who translates your dreams
The one who translates your dreams


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
Brissy, Melbs, and Adelaide, but I’m an Adelaide girl at heart!
What I do
Faithfully translate your dreams from you to paper.
What I like
Shopping, camping, fitness, and snacks. Balance, right?

Skills Reel

The professional

Lisa always found architecture to be the perfect mix of creativity and science. Especially so in home design—where the line between aesthetic and function is everything. So after getting her Bachelor in Architectural Design and a grad certificate in project management, she went knocking on the residential industry’s door and was snapped up by a couple of lucky builders immediately. Lisa has the keenest eye for design (she’s creative), is detail oriented to the mm (she’s scientific), and can’t wait to draw you a home that’s the perfect fusion of both (she’s talented).

“La Vida are one of the few builders really embracing younger generations and taking us seriously! It’s so refreshing to see. Trendy, fun, pup-friendly, and everyone you meet is literally the friendliest person you’ve ever met. What’s not to love?”

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Where do want to build?