Meet Lee Sinclair & Elli Rybaeck

The ones who work together to deliver your dream
The ones who work together to deliver your dream


The human

Lee = 46 & Elli = 33
Star sign
Lee = Aquarius & Elli = Aries


Lee = He/Him & Elli = She/Her
Where I live
Where I grew up
Lee = Port Macquarie & Elli = A horse farm in Sweden. As wonderful as it sounds!
What I do
Make homeownership your new reality.
What I like
Lee = Long romantic walks on the beach & Elli = Skiing, hiking, good food and wine. Balance is key.

Skills Reel

The professional

Abit about Lee: A former colleague sold Lee on the new home industry, knowing the chatty character would be totally at home surrounded by new faces with new stories to share. Their instincts were spot on, though they may have underestimated just what a natural Lee would be… In the 13 years since he’s been named Salesperson of the Year not once, not twice, not thrice, but an impressive seven times! Gift of the gab? Not so much. Lee just wants to see you in your own home that much, he’ll do whatever he can to make it happen Abit about Elli: Multitalented Elli came to Australia with nothing but her backpack in 2010 and just couldn’t bring herself to leave. (Asides from the annual trip to see her family in Sweden, that is.) She started on the tools as a side gig while driving a harvester to get that highly sought-after second year visa, and then couldn’t bring herself to leave the building industry, either! 13 years later, she’s really done it all. Admin, maintenance, services, sales, construction… told you she’s multitalented. Did we mention she was a showjumper in a previous life too?

“La Vida really encourage us to create custom designs. I love drawing up floor plans and finding creative solutions for clients, so that was a big drawcard for me. My attention to detail can’t vibe with cookie-cutter!”

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