Meet Kris Nunn

The one who supervises your build
The one who supervises your build


The human

Star sign


He/Him, They/Them, whatever you want me to be
Where I live
Where I grew up
What I do
Build the home of your dreams and have a good laugh along the way
What I like
The footy with an ice-cold beer in hand, the BBQ firing, and my mates for company

Skills Reel

The professional

Kris was always destined for the building industry. Growing up he spent hours on the tools with his dad and grandad, so it was only a matter of time before he pursued his own carpentry apprenticeship. It wasn’t much longer before he set his sights on becoming a Site Manager, but don’t worry, Kris still finds plenty of opportunity to dust off the tools. When he’s not running amok with his little girl or golden retriever, Max, you’ll find him scouting the aisles of Bunnings for his wife’s never-ending reno list (or standing in line for the sausage sizzle).

I’ve spent a lot of time renovating our family home and my wife has put me through plenty of customer service training… so believe me when I say, I’m at your service! That’s what it’s all about for me, making your dreams come true

I`m already building
with La Vida

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Where do want to build?

Where do want to build?