Meet Juenelle Symonds

The one who takes care of everything

Client Experience Specialist

The one who takes care of everything
Client Experience Specialist


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
South of the River
What I do
Bring the fun!
What I like
Books, bikes, netball… and wine to fuel it all.

Skills Reel

Time management, precision costings, construction, investors, first home buyers, finance etc. – People skills, time management, finding ways to fast track jobs to site

The professional

Juenelle fell into the building industry by happy accident after a friend asked that she join her at a construction company in the market for a secretary.

17 years later and she’s worked for builders big, small, commercial, rural… as a prestart consultant, shires specialist, admin manager and everything in between.

Her knowledge may be limitless, but it’s Juenelle’s seemingly supernatural ability to master time that’s truly legendary. If there’s a way to fast track your new home, she’ll find it.

We’re in this together. Me and you, me and my colleagues… we’re a team. And what do good teams do? Have each other’s backs and work together. When you do that, getting the best outcome for you is inevitable.

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