Meet Jimmy Cornish

The one who gets the price right
The one who gets the price right


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
Floreat. NOR all day
What I do
Put a price on your dream home. (It’s still priceless, we know)
What I like
The beach, surfing, golf, 4WDing, travelling… I’m an active fella!

Skills Reel

The professional

Jimmy was always drawn to home design and the finer details of construction. Initially signing up for a drafting course at TAFE, he soon realised he had an aptitude for the mathematics of building and made the switch to estimating. Here, his attention to the finer details takes what some would call ‘guess work’ and turns it into fact work. He’s been building prices you can bank on for 12 years, minus a globe-roaming gap year or two… even Jimmy needs a little room to wiggle.

After some incredible travel experiences, I realised how important it is to enjoy yourself at work and connect with people that bring out the best in you. So I’m stoked to be here alongside so many passionate people at La Vida!

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Where do want to build?