Meet Jarad Glasson

The one who supervises your build
The one who supervises your build


The human

Star sign
Should I know what this is?


Where I live
Where I grew up
What I do
Make sure every home under my watch is built to the highest standard
What I like
Speedway, fishing, and the great outdoors

Skills Reel

The professional

Growing up, Jarad had a thing for castles. No, not the riches within (boring) but the architecture and workmanship that gave simple stone and brick the power to stand up to time, conflict, and the elements. Now, *that’s* the sort of history we’re interested in. He got his bricklayer’s certificate, enrolled in his builder’s ticket, and 20+ years later has built single storey houses, double storey houses, townhouses, farmhouses, and every house in between. Trust him with your castle, and you’ll make a young Jared very happy indeed.

Being responsible for the biggest investment most people make in their lives isn’t something I take lightly. I’ve worked with Mark before and I know he doesn’t either. Handing over a quality home to happy clients is what it’s all about!

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Where do want to build?

Where do want to build?