Meet Jake Smith

The one who keeps the creativity coming
The one who keeps the creativity coming


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
Adelaide. Why leave?
What I do
Ensure every set of plans are perfect.
What I like
Wining, dining, traveling, planning our 100-year-old home’s next reno.

Skills Reel

The professional

Jake found his calling and unleashed his creativity at a young age. Designing houses for his many Sims to live in. After realising this was something he could get paid for, he got his Bachelor of Architecture at UniSA, went to work for a steel framing company, two volume builders, and found time for a four-month stint leading a team of draftees in Dubai. Now he’s found his way back to a team that lets his creative talents run free—us, of course! As well as being fluent in Simlish, Jake’s a master of organisation whose desk is one of the tidiest we’ve seen. Sorry mum and dad, turns out playing video games might not be as unproductive as you think.

“Hard work becomes easy work when you’re passionate about your purpose and have the freedom to be yourself. That energy and self-expression is something everyone here shares, and that makes it super easy to come to work and do the very best for our clients.”

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Where do want to build?