Meet Holly Lacsher

The one who’s a strategic mastermind
The one who’s a strategic mastermind


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I’ll never tell.
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Look for ways La Vida can be even better than it already is.
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Chocolate… I’m a bit of a sweet tooth!

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Globetrotting Holly is one of our newest recruits, bringing a certain ‘savoir faire’ to La Vida HQ. She’s worked in Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand and lent her enviable strategic brain to a range of international brands including the IIFA Awards (the Oscars of Bollywood), managed a 3,000-strong community for expatriates in Gurgaon and Delhi, and raised tens of thousands of dollars for Red Cross charities. From development roadmaps and analysis to stakeholder management and media relations, she’s done it all. Her specialty lies in strategic communications, savvy systems and unearthing the best in new business tech, but with such a diverse skillset (did we mention she has a degree in Accounting and Human Resources too?), for Holly, it sure doesn’t stop there.

I’m thrilled to be joining a team as exciting, innovative, and passionate as this one – one that truly welcomes big picture thinking and new ideas. With a blueprint to do things differently from the get-go, I can’t wait to see where we take La Vida and our mark-makers next.

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