Meet Grant Jones

The one who gets you a remarkable ROI
The one who gets you a remarkable ROI


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Star sign


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East Perth
Where I grew up
I am not sure if I have yet
What I do
Help others help themselves
What I like
Being a part of a team

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The professional

Entrepreneurial Grant – or Jonzee, we should say (and so should you!) – has quite the story. He left school young, cut his teeth in supermarket retail, started working for himself at 21, brought Eagle Boys pizza to WA, and journeyed through a range of state, national and international roles. It was a jaunt driving Uber that led him to the industry and to founding Build2Rent, his solution to Perth’s strained rental market. It’s quite the full circle moment. With a father who introduced a teenage Jonzee to his own transportable building company way back when, this adventurous spirit might have found his roots.

We have two ears and one mouth and should listen twice as much as we speak. That’s what attracted me to this team, many builders are professing great things but I was so impressed with La Vida I moved 17 homes over to them and joined the team!

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Where do want to build?