Meet Gemma Williams

The one who helps the Vidas Vida
The one who helps the Vidas Vida


The human

I have Peter Pan syndrome (which means I’ve stopped counting)
Star sign
Scorpio/Sag cusp baby


Where I live
Where I grew up
Trigg. NOR beaches for life!
What I do
Keep the office’s Vida vibes vibing
What I like
Living near the beach, live music, Rotto, keeping fit and healthy

Skills Reel

The professional

Gemma has a very important role here… she’s responsible for The Team Vida Vibe we’re famous for! Prior to becoming a Vida, Gemma worked on reception and admin for a big builder and a big commercial real estate agent, so she knows a thing or two about homes. But she’s most at home when she’s helping someone—whether they’re clients or her own team. Now, Gemma’s willingness to lend a hand and her friendly, always-up-for-a-laugh nature make our office vibe brighter than sunshine (set foot in La Vida HQ and you’ll know what we’re talking about)

My dad, bless him, had his own building company and he made sure I knew all about it! Now that I’m part of the industry too, I can see why he loved it so much. Being part of such a big milestone is a wonderful feeling.

I`m already building
with La Vida

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Where do want to build?

Where do want to build?