Meet Emily Read

The one who empowers your home dreams
The one who empowers your home dreams


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
Narrogin #farmlife 🚜
What I do
Embrace you and your home journey with open arms 🤗
What I like
Bake to my favourite country tunes, a.k.a. Shania

Skills Reel

The professional

Former cake artist Emily may have swapped her frosting for fixtures 10 years ago, but that doesn’t mean there’s been any less inspiration in her life… far from it. Like any artist, Em went in search of new things, freedom, and creativity, and found them in spades in the building industry. Turning vision boards into realities is where Em shines, and she’s got a big soft spot for first home buyers and helping her clients navigate the tricky art of financing. Her top tip? Don’t underestimate how refreshing and worthwhile refinancing can be! When she’s not multi-tasking up a storm in the office or home kitchen, you’ll find Em in her other element – mamahood – surrounded by two little ones, and all the love, laughter and nappy changes that come with it.

Watching my kids grow, I’ve learnt just how important a happy, safe and comfortable home truly is. Now, finding out what’s important to you and joining the journeys of so many beautiful families is a dream come true in itself for me! #blessed


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