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The one that builds dreams
The one that builds dreams


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Seville Grove
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Live the dream!
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There’s only one thing Damian loves more than building homes… The outdoors. Lucky building isn’t much of an inside sport, hey Damian? Hellbent on avoiding any sort of office, he started as a labourer on site at 17 before getting his trade as a bricklayer. A diploma in construction soon followed, as did a nod for Site Manager of the Year. While you won’t find him in an office anytime soon (or ever), Damian’s organisation and time management would rival any administrator. But don’t worry Damian… we won’t drag you inside yet.

“Laying bricks one by one or supervising the whole damn site, it’s all equal to me. It all gets you one day closer to walking into your dream. That’s what it’s all about for me!”

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Where do want to build?