Meet Claire Dodson

The one that maintains your mark
The one that maintains your mark


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Perth Hills
Where I grew up
Perth Hills
What I do
Sort out any maintenance needed on your new home.
What I like
Coast walks.

Skills Reel

The professional

Claire found her way into building after deciding a career in photography wasn’t for her, and 23 years later, she hasn’t looked back. Her photography skills came with her though: namely, her knack for looking outside the box. If you’ve got a problem, Claire can spot a million different ways to solve it that you’d never have seen on your own! She’s also a perfectionist (blame the Virgo in her) which makes her a deft hand at contracts admin, sales admin, shire admin, and now, construction and maintenance admin. If it needs wrangling, Claire’s on it. There’s no one else we’d rather have on your mark’s watch.

“Everyone bangs on about first impressions but I think it’s last impressions that really count. Get the small things fixed to make sure the big thing lasts a lifetime.”

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