Meet Chris Everitt

The one who is secretly an artist


The one who is secretly an artist


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Vic Park
Where I grew up
What I do
It differently.
What I like
Travel! Ohh, and every arts event ever… plays, theatre, comedy, all of it.

Skills Reel

Solar orientation, customisations, sustainable design, single and double story design, Perth foodie recommendations

The professional

Chris is walking proof that it’s never too late to live your true calling.

A lover of all things creative, he started studying design part-time at 29 and entered his first trainee role at 33.

After 18 years and several stints at some of Perth’s biggest builders, he hasn’t looked back.

Chris’s zest for life is the very definition of remarkable. Prepare to be inspired – from clever design customisations to daring new dinner recommendations.

All our clients are offered their choice of construction method – from classic double brick to new age frames – which is a big one for me. Plus, I’m empowered to weave my love of all things eco and sustainable into every home.

I`m already building
with La Vida

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Where do want to build?