Meet Brooklyn Taylor

The one that keeps it all moving
The one that keeps it all moving


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Star sign


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Where I grew up
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Work with the most amazing team!
What I like
AFL, caravan camping (no tents, thank you), and being a mum 💞

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The professional

Brooklyn officially entered the industry as a receptionist 14 years ago, but her real story starts far earlier than that. Her parents had something of a thing for building, and all that time on site and around the dinner table viewing plans (she swears she saw about a billion of them) soon got her hooked too. Now, she’s dedicated to making life’s biggest journey as great for her clients as it was for her growing up. Brooklyn’s secret? It’s all in the details. She calls it ‘organised fun’ but she promises most of the organising is on her—and most of the fun is on you!

“Time management is everything, no more so than when you’re building someone a home. We know it’s not till handover day that the biggest, most exciting part of your journey can begin! That’s why we work so hard to make your experience as streamlined and as quick as possible.”

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Where do want to build?