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The one who loves saving
The one who loves saving


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Motivate you to achieve your savings targets
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Volleyball, snacks, netball, snacks, golf and… snacks!

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Bonnie started out as a clerk in Big Banking Land, scanning and faxing her way through a myriad of home loans (for the Gen Zers, that’s emailing… via a printer). The joy she felt with her clients when they were given the go ahead to buy or build their new homes soon lured her to the building industry, and she hasn’t looked back. With 16 years and a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management behind her, Bonnie is the person you want in your corner, rev’ing you up step by step, dollar by dollar, with the right knowledge and the smartest tech.

The world of banking really opened my eyes to the lack of support for many dreaming of a home of their own. At La Vida’s RevUp Program, it’s my whole job to help motivate you to achieve your savings targets and look ridiculously good on paper. Because no one said, you had to go it solo.

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