Meet Alaina Smith

The one who sends your home to site
The one who sends your home to site


The human

Star sign


Where I live
Where I grew up
What I do
A production cost estimate of your future home.
What I like
Weight training, running, burning off all the sugar and caffeine I consume…

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The professional

Alaina can get a project in order like no one else. Does. not. miss. a. thing. Just the kind of person you want to be overseeing your production estimate—the very last thing that needs to happen before we can send your home to site! She’s thorough, organised to a fault, and loves the behind-the-scenes nitty gritty that goes into a build. Alaina has worked as an estimator for a big volume builder, a custom homes builder, and a developments builder, so if there’s something that could phase her and her calculator… we haven’t seen it.

“I love seeing all the little creative touches our clients put on their homes. Knowing you’re helping someone build something that is so uniquely theirs is a thrill I’ll never be over.”

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Where do want to build?

Where do want to build?