Meet Alexandra Nicotra

The one who gives your visions shape
The one who gives your visions shape


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Star sign


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Design your new home!
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Travel, food, and dogs.

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The professional

Alex always loved home design. While her classmates were busy analysing the Hot 100 chart, she was busy dissecting kitchen layouts and colour schemes. Alex isn’t just content with floor plans though. Her eye for detail (and when we say detail, we mean allll the details) means there isn’t a single part of the construction process she doesn’t have a firm grasp of. Because as she says, how else would she be able to do her job this well?

“La Vida is so different to any other builder I’ve worked with. They’re not scared of change and are always looking for the best innovations for their clients. Not to mention they’ve got the best office atmosphere going, hands down!

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