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Virginia has come a long way since its days as an Irish settlement in the mid 1800s. Yep, this town is an oldie. Hello, old-school character.


These days it’s got all the amenities of modern life without losing any of its classic Irish charm or that welcoming vibe that only comes from a close-knit community that’s been around as long as this one. You’ll find schools, doctors, shopping centres, cafes, restaurants, a hardware store, a garden centre and nursery—even a fancy new hotel in the centre of town. Perfect for guests you don’t fancy hosting.


Many of the original Irish families have stuck around but there’s been an influx of newcomers lured by the ‘tree-change’ of a semi-rural life. Country air just 35 minutes north of the Adelaide CBD? Yes please.


It’s not just food and wine on offer (apparently there’s more to life??). There’s the historic main street full of boutiques, cafes, restaurants and Linke’s bakehouse—very popular with the resident sweet tooths. There’s all the usual necessities like schools, doctors, and local businesses offering up an array of other services.


There’s even hot air ballooning, and trust us, when you see those hills, you’ll want to get up in the air for a better view too.


Nuriootpa—it’s not just for tourists.

Virginia in focus

Distance to Adelaide: 33.7km

Postcode: 5120

Local Government: Playford local government area

Shops: Virginia Shopping Centre

Breaking Virginia down

Annual Growth: 4%

Median land price: $670,000

Population: 2,953

Median age: 34

Avg. person household: 2.8

Schools near Virginia

Primary Schools: Virginia Primary School

Secondary Schools: Craigmore High School, Salisbury High School

Packages available in Virginia

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Land is selling extremely fast in Virginia. Our team is available to help you track down land in your dream location but these blocks may already be snapped up. Prices are indicative and may change depending on your block. Chat to us directly to find out what’s currently available.

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