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Let's talk Piara Waters

Growing, modern house and land packages like those in Piara Waters have their perks: they’re affordable, have loads of facilities like shops, schools, and medical centres, and they’ve often got eco-friendly planning (always a relief to reduce your impact and take away some long shower guilt!). Piara Waters house and land is south-east of Perth and almost rural – ideal for those searching for less traffic noise while peacefully enjoying their morning cup of tea.

House and land in Piara Waters gives you a chance to make your mark on a developing community – will it turn out more like Gilmore Girls or Stranger Things? (we make no promises). It’s a place to enjoy the chilled-out country influence because, even though there’s transport links into the city, you won’t want to make that trip every day just for your favourite Mary Street Bakery treat. But you’ll have shops at Cockburn Central (10 mins away, and enough parks to justify finally getting your Golden Retriever, naww)!


Piara Waters in focus

  • Distance to Perth: 26km
  • Postcode: 6112
  • Local Gov: Armadale
  • Train stations: Cockburn Train Station
  • Bus Service: To Cockburn Train Station
  • Shops: Cockburn Central Shopping Centre

Breaking Piara Waters down

  • Annual Growth: 11.7%
  • Median land price: $278,000
  • Population: 9,116
  • Median age: 30
  • Avg. person/ household: 3

Schools near Piara Waters

  • Primary Schools: Piara Waters Primary School, Harrisdale Primary School, Carey Baptist College, Aspiri Primary School, St John Bosco College, Providence Christian College, Bletchley Park Primary School, Ranford Primary School, Campbell Primary School, Forrestdale Primary School
  • Secondary Schools: Harrisdale Senior High School, Carey Baptist College, St John Bosco College, Providence Christian College, Carey Baptist College – Forrestdale, Canning Vale College, Atwell College, Cecil Andrews College, Southern River College, Thornlie Senior High School

* Statistics via REIWA website, Jan 2022


Packages available in Piara Waters

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