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Let's talk Lake Coogee

When people in rainy, cold England imagine life in Aus, they picture something like house and land in Lake Coogee. It’s that idyllic seaside lifestyle that they think every Aussie has but here it’s a reality. A pristine, modern haven right next to the endless white sands of Coogee Beach.

Head out for a sail or scuba dive from Port Coogee Marina, snorkel on the easily accessible Omeo Wreck, or do some fishing off Woodman Point. If you’re thinking this Lake Coogee version of you is unrealistically athletic, don’t worry, these house and land packages are just 10 mins to Fremantle for nibbles and shopping at the markets, or a night out at the hidden cocktail bars. You’ll also find all the necessary shops at Port Coogee Village or the complex in South Fremantle.

Lake Coogee in focus

  • Distance to Perth: 20km
  • Postcode: 6166
  • Local Gov: Cockburn
  • Train stations: Cockburn Central Train Station
  • Bus Service: To Cockburn Central Train Station
  • Shops: Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre

Breaking Lake Coogee down

  • Annual Growth: 7.1%
  • Median land price: $377,500
  • Population: 4,597
  • Median age: 45
  • Avg. person/ household: 3

Schools near Lake Coogee

  • Primary Schools: Coogee Primary School, St Jerome’s Primary School, Spearwood Alternative School, Newton Primary School, Spearwood Primary School, South Coogee Primary School, Phoenix Primary School, Southwell Primary School, Fremantle Christian College, Kerry Street Community School
  • Secondary Schools: Fremantle Christian College, Port School, Divine Mercy College, Perth Waldorf School, Seton Catholic College, Fremantle College, North Lake Senior Campus, Havenport Msl College, Emmanuel Catholic College, Lakeland Senior High School

* Statistics via REIWA website, Jan 2022


Packages available in Lake Coogee

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