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House and land in a safe community like Ferndale just takes a load off your mind (so you can fill it with more to-do lists). The kids can play near the calm street and perhaps even walk home from school – just like the good ol’ days.

Ferndale house and land is surrounded on one side by the Swan River and loads of parkland, and this barrier makes it a peaceful southern suburb – soon you’ll be feeling nicely superior to those ‘city people’ across the river! Why? The riverside is great for barbeque get-togethers or even picnics if you want to be a bit fancy, and your kids will have access to classic nature experiences (like running from swooping magpies). Westfield Carousel is also nearby for those necessary shopping *brunch* trips and sneaky Boxing Day sales.

Ferndale in focus

  • Distance to Perth: 14km
  • Postcode: 6148
  • Local Gov: Canning
  • Train stations: Cannington
  • Bus Service: To Cannington Train Station
  • Shops: Riverton Forum

Breaking Ferndale down

  • Annual Growth: 12.5%
  • Median land price: $235,000
  • Population: 4,330
  • Median age: 39
  • Avg. person/ household: 2

Schools near Ferndale

  • Primary Schools: Fountain College, Bannister Creek Primary School, Parkwood Primary School, Brookman Primary School, St Jude’s Catholic School, Langford Islamic College, Wilson Primary School, Riverton Education Support Centre, Riverton Primary School, Cannington Community College
  • Secondary Schools: Fountain College, Lynwood Senior High School, Langford Islamic College, Cannington Community Education Support Centre, Cannington Community College, Sevenoaks Senior College, Oneschool Global Wa, Clontarf Aboriginal College, St Norbert College, Canning College

* Statistics via REIWA website, Jan 2022


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